Our Mission 

We exist to help you achieve your full potential, be the best you can and get the most out of life.

We do it by providing a suite of health supplements and products, which are designed to maximize human potential.  

Our products are all made of imported raw materials,  which are strictly controlled and lab tested for toxins to ensure the highest quality.

Client Testimonials

A day without MCT is a day submitted to brainfog, sluggishness, lack of focus and lack of energy. Thanks to LIMITLESS I now have access to highest quality MCT oil in China. LIMITLESS tests each batch of MCT through and independent 3rd party lab to ensure quality is up to Bulletproof standards. All of that for a daily cost less than a can of Red Bull. Re-chose baby! 

Flo Eysler, CEO, IFJuice.com


As a busy CEO of a food and beverage business in China, I decided to go Bulletproof and I have never regretted it. I feel amazing everyday and my energy levels are higher than ever. LIMITLESS MCT oil is my preferred oil for my morning coffee and cooking; it's easy to get in China and the quality is high.  Highly recommended!
Greg Savarese, CEO, Sinotaste.com

The Story

Having lived more than 13 years in polluted China and being a busy entrepreneur along side with raising two children, I felt energy deprived and drained.

For years I had fighting my high cholesterol with a low fat diet recommended by doctors, but  I never succeeded to bring my numbers down below the "danger zone", so I decided to take control and do research my self.

I learned about the HFLC diet, but it was clear to me that traditional Chinese oils, was not the kind of fat I thrived on, so decided to replace one meal a day with a Coffee Smoothie, aka Bulletproof coffee.

It was a surprisingly delicious combination of high quality toxin free coffee, high quality MCT oil and grass fed butter, which helped me start my mornings full of energy and motivation and it gave me the kick I needed to win the day. 

The focus and energy it gave me was astounding!  

And best of all it came without the hunger, the brain fog, the food cravings and the 3pm crash, I would usually get from standard coffee. 

For me this was the door to a new world of biohacking. It  opened my eyes for a new untapped potential within me and became the inspiration for a mission to push my limits and live to my true potential. 

My biggest obstacle was to get high quality MCT Oil and toxin free coffee in China, as I don't trust the Taobao vendors and importing it from USA is very tedious. 

To my luck, I met a fellow Dane, a chemical engineer, educated at the most prestigious university in Denmark, and had worked 10 years in the food and editable oil industry, so he had all the qualifications to source and test coffee and MCT oil.

Finally, I could get my toxin free coffee and quality oil I could trust, and to top it his name was also, Jesper! 

That was the start of the journey, and the story about how the Limitless products came about.

Jesper & Jesper