Increase energy, improve cognition and lose weight, without feeling hungry.

Add MCT oil to coffee, tea, smoothies, salads and just about any food to give it extra taste, and fuel to your body.

​RMB 278

Ethiopia Yirgracheffe Misty Valley

Taste notes: Citrus, Jasmin, Green Tea

Net Weight: 454g
​RMB 218

Columbian Popayan Supremo

Taste notes: Chocolate, Orange, Sugar Cane

Net Weight: 454g

​RMB 218

World-Class Coffee

Our coffee is among the top 2% best coffee in the world, rated so by an international panel.

Toxin Free Coffees

Our toxin-free coffee comes in three different flavors, all single estate and hand-picked to ensure you get the best cup of coffee to start your day.

Panama Boquete Hortigal

Taste notes: Dark Chocolate, Toffee, Nutty Full Body

Net Weight: 454g
​RMB 218

Tested Toxin Free

We have tested our coffees for mycotoxins in the biggest and most accurate industrial labs to ensure you get the best.


Designed for performance

Use  the MCT oil and grass fed butter in your toxin free coffee to make a Coffee Smoothie that kickstarts your mornings.